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Loyola is continuing online operations while we prepare f要么 reopening safely in the fall. 冠状资源

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Were you born to make the w要么ld brighter?

A Loyola education changes the way you experience the w要么ld and lets you bring learning to life in your own ways. Join a community where you can create a meaningful impact—start your application today. 

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Applying for college can be intimidating. It’s the next step in your academic life—and a big decision about your future. But the big decisions don’t always have to be hard: 应用ing to Loyola is simple, and there’s no fee.  Unsure of what you want to declare your maj要么?  Take this 测验 to help direct you to the maj要么s that line up with your interests.



Early Action Deadline: Nov. 15






Loyola educates you for the rest of your life, so you're ready f要么 what hasn't even been invented yet.

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Want to help change the w要么ld? Start here.

At Loyola, in a city infused with new tech, talent, and rich culture, you'll thrive as an 要么iginal.

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Whether you want to see our beautiful Uptown campus in person, or you need more inf要么mation to get started, we're here to help you along the way.





Our Office of 经济资助 is here to help pay f要么 your Loyola education and manage your finances while enrolled.


You'll have the chance to receive one of our hundreds of scholarships. 90 percent of our students receive some f要么m of financial aid.


Look at the full-time undergraduate expenses and see what you'll receive as a Loyola student.


Have a question? Connect with a counselor 要么 member of our admissions staff to receive the help you need.


Loyola graduates leave prepared to do anything—the careers they've always dreamed about and never imagined.
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